About Us

CONTEST GH is the biggest and the best cash prize photo and video competitions platform in Ghana, created by KM Media Concept just for the Art industry. If you’re looking to test your Skills, Creativity, Beauty and a photography, to push boundaries and unleash your creativity, and win some really cool cash prizes along the way, this is the place for you. Our photo/Video competitions are open to persons of any experience level, ages 16 or older, from anywhere in the world. You may also enter any contest as many times as you wish.

From portrait, street, and architectural photography, to more thematic categories involving emotion, colours, and other subject matter, CONTEST GH has something for everyone. We encourage hobbyists, professionals, and all those in between to take up the challenge and enter one of our contests; someone has to win and it could be you. 

All of our contests offer outstanding awards!  Awards include Beautiful Crowns, Banners, Medals, CASH, and More!

Awards may vary from pageant to pageant. Watch out for each pageant for a detailed description. Test your Skills, Creativity and Beauty to push Boundaries.